Khalil Ajami

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  • Khalil Ajami
  • Proceedings. 2004 International Conference on…
  • 2004
The aim of this paper is to introduce a coherent specification of learning objects that can be used for academic education purposes within E-learning environment. The structure of our learning object proposed in this paper has been driven largely by modifying packaging. Our principal goal is to propose a conceptual definition of learning object that should(More)
The rapid developments in information and communication technologies taking place recent years, make it easy for people to pursue their education distantly. The development of new technologies helped to open spatial and temporal boundaries of learning toward virtual learning, and helped to transform education process from its classical form of courses(More)
The interaction between teacher and learner, as well as the interaction between learner and content, has a significant impact on the effectiveness of any learning process. In this paper, we discuss interactivity in the context of eLearning and we focus on the interaction between the learner and the content. The objective is to provide clear metrics to(More)
The aim of this paper is to introduce a new approach which describes an automatic transformation process of electronic flat documents (HTML document for example), into reusable learning objects. Thus, the transformed content can be integrated, within management learning system. Our methodology proposes, firstly, a syntactical transformation of a flat(More)
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