Khalil A. Kadaoui

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In addition to fulfilling its function of immune exclusion at mucosal surfaces, secretory IgA (SIgA) Ab exhibits the striking feature to adhere selectively to M cells in the mouse and human intestinal Peyer's patches (PPs). Subsequent uptake drives the SIgA Ab to dendritic cells (DCs), which become partially activated. Using freshly isolated mouse DCs, we(More)
Shigella, a Gram-negative invasive enteropathogenic bacterium responsible for bacillary dysentery, causes the rupture, invasion, and inflammatory destruction of the human colonic mucosa. We explored the mechanisms of protection mediated by Shigella LPS-specific secretory IgA (SIgA), the major mucosal Ab induced upon natural infection. Bacteria, SIgA, or(More)
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