Khalid Zine-Dine

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The problem of traffic light optimization has been studied in the past twenty years. Since too many factors in the real traffic could be involved, lots of researchers proposed different kinds of models with various assumptions. In this paper, we propose a PSO algorithm based model to investigate how to set the given traffic lights such as that the total(More)
Broadcasting is a fundamental operation in a mobile ad hoc network (MANETs) protocols. The flooding is the simplest mechanism used for message broadcasting in MANETs in which a message is rebroadcasted, by each node, exactly once. Despite its simplicity, it can cause high redundancy retransmission that could generate messages contention and collision.(More)
With rapid advances in nanotechnologies, Wireless Nanosensor Networks (WNSNs) have been emerged as a typical subclass of WSNs but at nano-scale. WNSN is a new communication fabric that allows nanonodes to connect to each other using new mechanisms such as molecular (or chemical) and electromagnetic. Unlike traditional WSNs, nanonodes are tiny with limited(More)
Currently mobile devices like smartphones are equipped with high performance processors, memory, sensors and storage. Therefore they can do a lot of what traditional desktop and laptop computers do. Their emergence has led to many applications especially which are offered by the cloud computing. This technology is called mobile cloud computing. MCC combines(More)
This report deals with the LTE downlink transmission scheme, from the base station to the terminal (the mobile phone), which is based on multicarrier modulation: OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). LTE also supports the use of multiple antennas at both the base station and the terminal to improve communication performance: Multiple Input --(More)
Wireless sensor networks have attracted great interest in the last decade, and have provided solutions in a growing number of applications. The location of sensors is a major issue in these networks. Many localization algorithms have been proposed and can be categorized into two families: range-based and range-free algorithms. In this paper, the(More)
Nowadays, evacuation problem is critical since it is used in many applications. These applications include sites where masses of people gather such as sporting events, transportation centers, and concerts. A relevant objective is how to consider the mobility of pedestrians in a room in order to improve evacuation times. In this paper, we realistically(More)
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