Khalid Saeed

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Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a mosquito-borne viral zoonosis of increasing global importance. Occurring since 1930 across Africa, it was detected for the first time in Saudi Arabia and Yemen in September 2000, leading to human deaths and major losses in livestock populations. Assuming the virus has not survived in Yemen or has been circulating at a low level,(More)
This paper attempts to describe the process of defining a problem – called a reference mode in Jargon for building a system dynamics model. System dynamics models represent problems not systems, hence a model cannot exist without first defining a problem. The characteristics of a reference mode and how it might differ from a historical record are stated. A(More)
In this work a new method of skeletonization is presented. The results of applying the developed algorithm showed its universality. A detailed comparison with other very good and almost ideal algorithms of thinning [1,2,3,4,5] is given. Both texts and pictures are tested to prove the essential difference between the presented in this paper algorithm and the(More)
This work presents a new Algorithm to recognize separate voices of some Arabic words, the digits form zero to ten. Firstly we prepare our signal by pre-processing trial. Next the speech signal is processed as an image by Power Spectrum Estimation. For feature extraction, transformation and hence recognition, the algorithm of minimal eigenvalues of Toeplitz(More)
On-the-fly keyboard user authorization is certainly an interesting option for standard security procedures for high-security computer systems. Unauthorized access to logged-in workstation could threaten the security of data and systems. Conventional authorization methods (passwords, fingerprint scans) verify user identity only during logging process,(More)
Human Adenovirus type 5 encodes two short RNA polymerase III transcripts, the virus-associated (VA) RNAI and VA RNAII, which can adopt stable hairpin structures that resemble micro-RNA precursors. The terminal stems of the VA RNAs are processed into small RNAs (mivaRNAs) that are incorporated into RISC. It has been reported that VA RNAI has two(More)
Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a major vector-borne zoonosis first identified on the African continent in the early 1900s. In 2000, RVF was reported for the first time in Yemen. In this study, we provide a descriptive analysis of the period 1999-2007 in Yemen, taking into account the environmental and socioeconomic factors likely to have been involved in the(More)