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BACKGROUND The prevalence of psychiatric disorders in rural Punjab is unknown. Previous studies in rural areas elsewhere in the Indian subcontinent have yielded widely differing estimates. METHOD First-stage screening of a village near Gujar Khan used the Bradford Somatic Inventory and Self Reporting Questionnaire. Psychiatric interviews were conducted(More)
On-the-fly keyboard user authorization is certainly an interesting option for standard security procedures for high-security computer systems. Unauthorized access to logged-in workstation could threaten the security of data and systems. Conventional authorization methods (passwords, fingerprint scans) verify user identity only during logging process,(More)
A novel planar substrate integrated waveguide cavity resonator technique for measurement of complex permittivity is described, which has applications for dielectric measurement systems in the pharmaceutical industry. The high-<i>Q</i> resonant structure is a modernization of well-known measurement cells where the dielectric constant is deduced by cavity(More)
This paper attempts to describe the process of defining a problem – called a reference mode in Jargon-for building a system dynamics model. System dynamics models represent problems not systems, hence a model cannot exist without first defining a problem. The characteristics of a reference mode and how it might differ from a historical record are stated. A(More)
Three different approaches are considered in this paper to deal with the methods of Pattern Classification and Recognition. The main patterns considered are images representing the alphabet of cursive-scripts languages, particularly Arabic alphabet. The practical results of written scripts recognition led to the possibility of applying the main ideas and(More)
This work presents a new Algorithm to recognize separate voices of some Arabic words, the digits form zero to ten. Firstly we prepare our signal by pre-processing trial. Next the speech signal is processed as an image by Power Spectrum Estimation. For feature extraction, transformation and hence recognition, the algorithm of minimal eigenvalues of Toeplitz(More)
BACKGROUND A widely promoted model of mental health care and prevention appropriate to many low-income countries is one that is integrated into the local primary health care system. AIMS To examine the influence of health-seeking behaviours (demand-side factors) and the access to/availability of services (supply-side factors) on local service utilisation(More)
BACKGROUND Targeting resources on cost-effective care strategies is important for the global mental health burden. AIMS To demonstrate cost-outcome methods in the evaluation of mental health care programmes in low-income countries. METHOD Four rural populations were screened for psychiatric morbidity. Individuals with a diagnosed common mental disorder(More)