Khalid S Khan

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BACKGROUND Systematic reviews and meta-analyses of test accuracy studies are increasingly being recognised as central in guiding clinical practice. However, there is currently no dedicated and comprehensive software for meta-analysis of diagnostic data. In this article, we present Meta-DiSc, a Windows-based, user-friendly, freely available (for academic(More)
BACKGROUND The reduction of maternal deaths is a key international development goal. Evidence-based health policies and programmes aiming to reduce maternal deaths need reliable and valid information. We undertook a systematic review to determine the distribution of causes of maternal deaths. METHODS We selected datasets using prespecified criteria, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of dietary and lifestyle interventions in pregnancy on maternal and fetal weight and to quantify the effects of these interventions on obstetric outcomes. DESIGN Systematic review and meta-analysis. DATA SOURCES Major databases from inception to January 2012 without language restrictions. STUDY SELECTION Randomised(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine concordance between treatment effects in animal experiments and clinical trials. Study design Systematic review. DATA SOURCES Medline, Embase, SIGLE, NTIS, Science Citation Index, CAB, BIOSIS. STUDY SELECTION Animal studies for interventions with unambiguous evidence of a treatment effect (benefit or harm) in clinical trials: head(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of standalone versus clinically integrated teaching in evidence based medicine on various outcomes in postgraduates. DESIGN Systematic review of randomised and non-randomised controlled trials and before and after comparison studies. DATA SOURCES Medline, Embase, ERIC, Cochrane Library, DARE, HTA database, Best(More)
OBJECTIVE To generate a classification of methods to evaluate medical tests when there is no gold standard. METHODS Multiple search strategies were employed to obtain an overview of the different methods described in the literature, including searches of electronic databases, contacting experts for papers in personal archives, exploring databases from(More)
INTRODUCTION In recent years, the use of portfolios as learning and assessment tools has become more widespread across the range of health professions. Whilst a growing body of literature has accompanied these trends, there is no clear collated summary of the evidence for the educational effects of the use of portfolios in undergraduate education. This(More)
OBJECTIVE In diagnostic accuracy studies, the reference standard may be imperfect or not available in all patients. We systematically reviewed the proposed solutions for these situations and generated methodological guidance. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Review of methodological articles. RESULTS We categorized the solutions into four main groups. The first(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the accuracy with which a cervicovaginal fetal fibronectin test predicts spontaneous preterm birth in women with or without symptoms of preterm labour. DESIGN Systematic quantitative review of studies of test accuracy. DATA SOURCES Medline, Embase, PASCAL, Biosis, Cochrane Library, Medion, National Research Register, SCISEARCH,(More)