Khalid R. Al-Habsi

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Caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE) is a chronic debilitating disease of goats caused by a lentivirus responsible for economic losses as a result of a drop in milk production and weight loss. The objective of the study was to determine if indigenous goats from five different regions in the Sultanate of Oman exhibit serological evidence of exposure to CAEV(More)
Forty-one, 10-week-old newly weaned goats were randomly allocated into two groups, namely control (n=22) and treated (n=19). Kids in both groups were fed Rhodegrass hay ad libitum that contained < 0.1 mg/kg DM cobalt and 150 g/day of a commercially prepared ruminant concentrate that contained approximately 0.12 mg/kg DM cobalt. This diet provided the(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the response rate and duration of response in patients with chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) receiving rituximab. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed 32 consecutive patients with chronic ITP who were treated in two tertiary centers in Oman. Response assessment was based on the American Society of Hematology criteria. RESULTS(More)
Twenty ten-week-old newly weaned male Batinah goats were randomly assigned to a control (n=10) and a treated (n=10) group and were fed a diet containing 0.1mg/kg DM cobalt (Co). Goats in the treated group received bi-monthly subcutaneous injections of 2000 microg of hydroxycobalamin. The phagocytic function of the polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) were(More)
Seventy-three, 10-week-old, newly weaned Omani goats of three different breeds, namely Dhofari (D), Batinah (B) and Jebel Akhdar (JA) were randomly divided into a control (n=38) and a treated group (n=35) for an experimental period of 10 months. Goats in both groups were fed 150 g/day per head of a pelleted concentrate, based on body weight and their(More)
Polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN) serve on the first line of the immunological defense of ruminants. However, despite the high morbidity and mortality of neonatal lambs to a wide range of infections there have been no definitive studies undertaken to ascertain whether there might be functional differences in PMN from neonatal lambs when compared to those(More)
Uninucleated Entamoeba cysts measuring 7.3×7.7μm were detected in faecal samples collected from wild Rangeland goats (Capra hircus) after arrival at a commercial goat depot near Geraldton, Western Australia at a prevalence of 6.4% (8/125). Sequences were obtained at the 18S rRNA (n=8) and actin (n=5) loci following PCR amplification. At the 18S locus,(More)
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