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Openness of wireless communication medium and flexibility in dealing with wireless communication protocols and their vulnerabilities create a problem of poor security. Due to deficiencies in the security mechanisms of the first line of defense such as firewall and encryption, there are growing interests in detecting wireless attacks through a second line of(More)
Nowadays, wireless network security has a considerable attention. However, wireless communication faces several security threats. Consequently, several security efforts have been exerted to combat the wireless attacks, but unfortunately complete attack prevention is not realistically attainable. Thus, the emphasis on detecting intrusions through a second(More)
This paper presents an acoustic echo suppressor based on spectral subtraction that takes into account the perceptual effects of human hearing. This paper also propose here a method where the echo delay does not increase the computational cost. Effectively, in wireless system, it is not uncommon to have round trip delay up to 300 ms and even more. On most of(More)
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