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With technological advances, significant changes are taking place in automotive domain. Modern automobile combines functionalities ranging from safety critical functions such as control systems for engine to navigation and infotainment. To meet the performances requirements of these systems, automotive industry is shifting to multi-core systems. This(More)
—Resource allocation is today an integral part of cloud infrastructures management to efficiently exploit resources. Cloud infrastructures centers generally use custom built heuris-tics to define the resource allocations. It is an immediate requirement for the management tools of these centers to have a fast yet reasonably accurate simulation and evaluation(More)
Three-dimensional Networks-on-Chip (3D NoCs) are based on Through-Silicon-Vias (TSV), which offer several advantages such as stacking, high throughput and energy efficiency. However, TSVs suffer from design process variations. On the other hand, designing purely asynchronous serializers enables reliable inter-tier communication with moderate performance(More)
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