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Clostridium novyi-NT (C. novyi-NT) spores have been shown to be potent therapeutic agents in experimental tumors of mice and rabbits. In the present study, pharmacologic and toxicologic studies were performed to better understand the factors influencing the efficacy and toxicity of this form of therapy. We found that spores were rapidly cleared from the(More)
  • K Khan, H M Khan
  • 2001
Studies of the natural gamma-emitting radionuclides in Portland cement manufactured in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan and the various raw materials which compose the product have been carried out using gamma-spectrometric techniques. For data acquisition a high-purity germanium detector (HPGe) was used. The range of the total specific(More)
PURPOSE Variation in the effects of selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) on the estrous cycle and reproductive organs during aging could play an important role in the observed heterogeneity of tamoxifen chemoprevention efficacy against breast cancer. METHODS Of the 1,022 female Sprague Dawley rats enrolled in a long-term tamoxifen(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Since the polio epidemic in Ireland in the 1950s, most polio survivors are approaching into the 6th and 7th decade of their lives. There is little data about bone density and risk of fractures in these patients. In 2006, we undertook an audit of post-polio patients attending rheumatology and neurology outpatient clinics in a university(More)
Quinolones are broad-spectrum synthetic antibacterial drugs first obtained during the synthesis of chloroquine. Nalidixic acid, the prototype of quinolones, first became available for clinical consumption in 1962 and was used mainly for urinary tract infections caused by Escherichia coli and other pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria. Recently, significant(More)
In this paper we examine the problem of repairing incomplete background knowledge using Theory Recovery. Repeat Learning under ILP considers the problem of updating background knowledge in order to progressively increase the performance of an ILP algorithm as it tackles a sequence of related learning problems. Theory recovery is suggested as a suitable(More)