Khalid Hasanee

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW To discuss current designs, indications, contraindications and controversies pertaining to capsular tension devices. RECENT FINDINGS Capsular tension rings and other newer endocapsular support devices have become increasingly important in the management of zonular weakness during cataract extraction. They have been found to improve both(More)
Endocapsular support devices, such as the capsular tension ring, and other newer scleral-fixated devices have become increasingly important in the management of compromised zonules during cataract surgery. Cataract removal in patients with significant zonulopathy presents many challenges with increase risk of intraoperative and postoperative complications.(More)
Spherical aberration is a symmetrical fourth-order aberration. It is a key contributor to the deterioration of retinal image quality as a result of peripheral rays being focused anteriorly to refracted paraxial rays of light. Corneal surface analysis confirms that the prolate corneas of both young and cataract-aged patients have, on average, positive(More)
Diamond blades have been used extensively in cataract surgery but their routine use in glaucoma surgery has been limited owing to the lack of controlled sharpness. The SuperCrescent knife is an ultrathin (100 μm) diamond blade that is an innovative modification of conventional blade design. Its pentium faceted trapezoidal design along with the square front(More)
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