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—The increasing use of the Web for everyday tasks is making Web services an essential part of the Internet customer's daily life. Users query the Internet for a required Web service and get back a set of Web services that may or may not satisfy their request. To get the most relevant Web services that fulfill the user's request, the user has to construct(More)
Advancements in wireless networks and mobile device capabilities enable ubiquitous access for Web resources anywhere anytime. Web service technologies enable rapid and low-cost development of net-worked and portable applications. The successful convergence of these technologies produces mobile Web services provisioning, where mobile devices can host and(More)
The choice of SC-FDMA for uplink access in Long Term Evolution (LTE) facilitates great flexibility in allocating medium resources to users while adapting to medium condition. A multicarrier multiple access technique, SC-FDMA gains an advantage over OFDMA in that it reduces the energy requirements in user equipment. 3GPP Releases 8 and 9, however, do not(More)
The ever-increasing rise in the number of chronically ill people is a growing burden on healthcare institutions. People with chronic illnesses such as heart disease, being among the leading causes for morbidity and mortality, need constant monitoring of their health conditions. Remote health monitoring of patients residing in their homes helps reduce(More)
—Recent advancements in the design of mobile devices and wireless technologies have produced a successful coupling of mobile devices and Web services, where mobile devices can be a service provider or a consumer. However, finding relevant Web services that match requests remain a major hindrance to its booming. The challenges facing Web service discovery(More)
The global mobile application market is booming in all directions and business giants, viz. Google and Apple, have acknowledged the huge expansion in their Application Market and App Store. There is a demand though for a system that can elevate the momentum of context-aware mobile applications, where an application's behavior is customized according to(More)