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This paper gives the final results of the ESTER evaluation campaign which started in 2003 and ended in January 2005. The aim of this campaign was to evaluate automatic broadcast news rich transcription systems for the French language. The evaluation tasks were divided into three main categories: orthographic transcription, event detection and tracking (e.g.(More)
The aims of the SpeechDat-Car project are to develop a set of speech databases to support training and testing of multilingual speech recognition applications in the car environment. As a result, a total of ten (10) equivalent and similar resources will be created. The 10 languages are Danish, each language 600 sessions will be recorded (from at least 300(More)
(1) DGA/Centre d'Expertise Parisien (2) Association Francophone (3) ELDA 16 bis av Prieur de la Côte d'Or de la Communication Parlée 55-57 rue Brillat Savarin 94114 Arcueil cedex 75013 Paris Abstract This paper presents the audio corpus developed in the framework of the ESTER evaluation campaign of French broadcast news transcription systems. This corpus(More)
This paper describes the creation of five new telephony speech databases for Central and Eastern European languages within the Speech-Dat(E) project. The 5 languages concerned are Czech, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, and Russian. The databases follow SpeechDat-II specifications with some language specific adaptation. The present paper describes the differences(More)
The SpeechDat project aims to produce speech databases for all official languages of the European Union and some major dialectal variants and minority languages resulting in 28 speech databases. They will be recorded over fixed and mobile telephone networks. This will provide a realistic basis for training and assessment of both isolated and(More)
(1) Association Francophone (2) DGA/Centre technique d'Arcueil (3) ELDA de la Communication Parlée 16 bis av Prieur de la Côte d'Or 55-57 rue Brillat Savarin Abstract This paper gives an overview of the ESTER evaluation campaign. The aim of this campaign is to evaluate automatic broadcast news transcription systems for the French language. The evaluation(More)
The NEMLAR project: Network for Euro-Mediterranean LAnguage Resource and human language technology development and support; (www.nemlar.org) is a project supported by the EC with partners from Europe and the Middle East; whose objective is to build a network of specialized partners to promote and support the development of Arabic Language Resources in the(More)
This paper presents and reports on the progress of the EVALDA/MEDIA project, focusing on the recording and annotating protocol of the reference dialogue corpus. The aim of this project is to design and test an evaluation methodology to compare and diagnose the context-dependent and independent understanding capability of spoken language dialogue systems.(More)