Khalid Al-Zahrani

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This paper reviews burns that occur because of specific social habits and traditions; religious beliefs and activities; social events and festivals; and traditional medical practices. A literature review did not reveal any article that specifically reviews such burns. These injuries are not only interesting (being nation-specific) but are also important(More)
OBJECTIVES to assess physicians' and patients' views in Saudi Arabia (KSA) towards involving the patient versus the family in the process of diagnosis disclosure and decision-making, and to compare them with views from the USA and Japan. DESIGN A self-completion questionnaire (used previously to study these issues in Japan and the USA) was translated to(More)
There is debate regarding the most common fracture type at the base of the proximal phalanx of the fingers in children prior to closure of the epiphysis. In total, 100 consecutive children presenting with 103 fractures were included in a prospective study and their X-rays were reviewed by a consultant musculoskeletal radiologist. The study included 61 boys(More)
OBJECTIVE To review all cases of miliary tuberculosis (MT) over a period of 7 years in a Saudi Arabian population, to determine the clinical and laboratory characteristics and diagnostic methods, and to compare our data with others reported in the literature. DESIGN A retrospective case review. RESULTS Of 780 cases of active tuberculosis seen over(More)
Figure 1 Left eye, ecchymosis grading system. A technique used to reduce the degree of postoperative ecchymosis following osteotomy is periosteal preservation at the osteotomy site, achieved by elevating the periosteum prior to performing the osteotemy. The intact periosteum is then supposed to act as a barrier for the blood to extravasate to the(More)
Fifteen cases of long oblique/spiral fractures of the shaft of the proximal phalanx of the fingers treated by open reduction, cerclage wire fixation and immediate postoperative mobilisation were studied prospectively. Twelve patients presented early (within 24 hour of injury) and the remaining three cases were treated initially elsewhere by closed reduction(More)
Egypt is an agricultural based country. Its development primarily depends upon rural resources. Agriculture contributes approximately 14% of the GDP and absorbs about 31% of workforce. About 53% population lives in rural areas where directly or indirectly their livelihood depends upon agricultural sector. Despite its positive and significant contributions(More)
The pre-ligamentous variant of the thenar motor branch (TMB) of the median nerve is extremely rare. In all previously reported cases, the branch arose from the radial or antero-radial aspect of the median nerve in the distal forearm and then pierced the antebrachial fascia to reach the thenar muscles. We report on a case in which the pre-ligamentous TMB not(More)
INTRODUCTION A delayed foreign body reaction to polypropylene sutures has not been previously reported following tendon repair. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 12-year old boy underwent tendon transfer. Tendon repair was done using polypropylene sutures. Five months later, a slowly growing granuloma was seen at the tendon repair site. Skin testing did not show an(More)