Khalid Al-Mabrouk

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Knowledge management and CSFs are important issues in today's organisational world. Knowledge is understood as one of the crucial driving forces for business success and competitiveness. This study points out a number of success factors that were determined to be critical and affect knowledge management in all organisations. This paper is particularly(More)
Information technology (IT) has become an increasingly important factor in the development process of nations. It globally enables and sustains socio-economic growth and national development. This paper reports on a research project that seeks to investigate, identify and prioritise major issues for successful IT and the process of its transfer in(More)
Transfer of information technology (IT) is becoming an increasingly important challenge for developing countries. IT transfer is risky and time-consuming due to the complex processes that it involves. Existing literature shows that few efforts have been made to understand and improve IT transfer and its process in the Arab countries. This paper reports on(More)
Transfer of enabling technology such as Information Technology (IT) has become a vital component of successful countries looking for technological innovation and techno-economic development nowadays. However, in the history of technology transfer in Arab countries, it is probably true that there has been more failure and disappointment than satisfaction and(More)
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