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Mesoporous carbon nitrides (MCNs) with large surface areas and uniform pore diameters are unique semiconducting materials and exhibit highly versatile structural and excellent physicochemical properties, which promote their application in diverse fields such as metal free catalysis, photocatalytic water splitting, energy storage and conversion, gas(More)
Highly ordered mesoporous carbon nitrides (MCN) with 3D structure and a high nitrogen content are successfully prepared for the first time using "uncalcined" mesoporous silica template, KIT-6 and 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole as a single molecular carbon and nitrogen precursor. The prepared MCN with C and N stoichiometry of C3 N5 shows unique CN framework and(More)
Mesoporous carbon nitrides (MCN) are fascinating materials with unique semiconducting and basic properties that are useful in many applications including photocatalysis and sensing. Most syntheses of MCN focus on creating theoretically predicted C3 N4 stoichiometry with a band gap of 2.7 eV using a nano-hard templating approach with triazine-based(More)
The possibility of performing photochemical water splitting in a two-stage system, separately releasing the H2 and O2 components, has been probed with two separate catalysts and in combination with a formaldehyde/formate shuttling redox couple. In the first stage, formaldehyde releases hydrogen vigorously in the presence of an Na4[Fe(CN)6]·10H2O catalyst,(More)
A family of cis-macrocyclic diphosphines was prepared in just three steps from white phosphorus and commercial materials using a modular synthetic approach. Alkylation of bicyclic diphosphane 3,4,8,9-tetramethyl-1,6-diphosphabicyclo(4.4.0)deca-3,8-diene, or P2(dmb)2, produced phosphino-phosphonium salts [R-P2(dmb)2]X, where R is methyl, benzyl and isobutyl,(More)
A family of cis-macrocyclic diphosphines: stereoselective synthesis and application in catalytic CO2/ethylene coupling Ioana Knopf,a Daniel Tofan,a Dirk Beetstra,b Abdulaziz Al-Nezari,b Khalid Al-Bahily,b and Christopher C. Cummins ∗,a a Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-4307, USA b(More)
Mesoporous carbon nitrides (MCNs) with rod-shaped morphology and tunable nitrogen contents have been synthesized through a calcination-free method by using ethanol-washed mesoporous SBA-15 as templates at different carbonization temperatures. Carbon tetrachloride and ethylenediamine were used as the sources of carbon and nitrogen, respectively. The(More)
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