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The paper regards sensor-based intelligent mobile robot navigation and control in the case of unknown environment in the presence of obstacles. The paper deals with combined, fuzzy and dynamic control of autonomous mobile robots and their motion in unknown environment with different obstacles. The control strategy and algorithms described in the paper are(More)
Stability during the biped locomotion and especially humanoid robots walking is a big challenge in robotics modelling. This paper compares the classical and novel methodologies of modelling and algorithmic implementation of the impact/contact dynamics that occurs during a biped motion. Thus, after establishing the free biped locomotion system model, a(More)
The paper addresses control synthesis of anthropomorphic adaptive biped gait with humanoid robots walking on compliant support surfaces. Adaptive impedance control of biped robots with a bio-inspired modulation of leg impedance parameters based on motion capture experimental measurements is proposed in the paper. Moreover, a complementary fuzzy regulator of(More)
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