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Industrial site selection is a complex process for owners and analysts. The process involves not only technical requirements, but also economical, social, environmental and political demands that may result in conflicting objectives. Because of the compound nature of the process, it requires simultaneous use of several decision support tools such as expert(More)
Scrapers are advantageous earthmoving construction equipments as they are independently capable of excavating, hauling, and placing soil. Determining the suitable and the most economical selection of the size, model, and number of scrapers and pushers is a complex process that depends on multiple factors such as the haul-road conditions, equipment(More)
Problems involving the processing of spatial data such as industrial site selection and land use allocation are multi-facetted challenges. Not only they often involve numerous technical requirements, but may also contain economical, social, environmental and political dimensions that may have conflicting values. Solutions for these problems involve highly(More)
Evaluation of web portals is an important topic in web engineering. The satisfaction of users is a primary goal for actors involved with the development and operation of a web portal. Different users can not be treated as the same because people have different drives, abilities, and personalities. There are four basic types of personality (temperaments):(More)
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