Khalid A. Alkimawi

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Malignant melanoma within the gastrointestinal tract is an uncommon neoplasm that is usually metastatic in origin, with primary melanomas being relatively uncommon. Embryologically melanocytes normally exist in the esophagus, stomach, small bowel, and anorectum and this theory supports the primary melanoma of the gastrointestinal tract that has been(More)
Solid pseudopapillary tumor is a rare primary neoplasm of the pancreas that typically affects young women. It is a relatively a benign tumor, with a favorable prognosis. We here report a 27-year-old woman with solid pseudopapillary neoplasm, who presented with mild jaundice, mildly elevated liver function tests and right upper quadrant pain. Ultrasound was(More)
Hypertriglyceridemia increases the risk of acute pancreatitis, accounting for a minor but clinically relevant proportion of cases. We present a case of diabetic ketoacidosis, complicated by severe hypertryglyceridemia and pancreatitis. The pancreatitis was managed and controlled by managing the hypertryglyceridemia. We aim to review the specific management(More)
Gastritis cystica profunda (GCP) is a rare tumor precursor which occurs more commonly in patients who have undergone previous gastric surgery. The non-specific symptoms and radiographic appearance of this tumor mimic those of other hyperproliferative conditions, making diagnosis difficult. This is a pre-malignant condition and may lead on to carcinoma of(More)
Esophageal leiomyomas (ELMs) are rare but described in the literature. They are usually benign and do not require resection unless they are large and symptomatic. Most of such masses arise from the muscularis mucosa. It is very uncommon to find epithelial dysplasia overlying a subepithelial leiomyoma. A review of the literature reveals only one prior case(More)
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