Khaleel Ahmad

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With the increasing dependency of organizations on Database Systems for their daily transactions, the vulnerability of the system to security breaches has also increased. In spite of the various schemes available to protect the database at various levels, a need for a complete security system has been long felt. Keeping this in mind, we present a study of(More)
E-commerce provides low transaction costs and more convenient business mode to all over world customers. We describe many asymmetric approaches which use in E-commerce transaction and other supported cryptography algorithms which are essential in working setup of E-commerce. In this paper, we propose a model of E-transaction based on PGP. It will show that(More)
During the last few decades, mobile communication has developed rapidly. The increasing dependency of people on telecommunication resources is pushing even more current technological developments in the mobile world. In Real-time multimedia applications, such as Live TV or live movie, video conferencing, VoIP, on-line gaming etc. are exciting applications(More)
Malwares are very precarious problem for Internet users. They are malicious software or programs, programmed by attackers to interrupt computer operation, gather delicate information, or gain access to client computer system. Key-logger is one of the massive threat among various malwares. It can be a hardware key-logger or software key-logger which records(More)
Nowadays we need more services and more security in hi-tech environment for accessing the data from DW because data which is stored in Data Warehouse is crucial and sensitive. These sensitive data is used by decision maker to make the strategies decision to analyze the status and development of an origination. The data of Data Warehouse can easily access by(More)
Cloud computing is one of the major technologies which has gained popularity in computer sciences and information technology domain. Cloud computing has changed the way of doing business by an enterprise in general and data management, retrieval & storage within a business enterprise in particular. Smartphone usage has grown rapidly in tandem with cloud(More)
Dependence of electronic devices (viz. Computer, Laptop, Mobile etc.) is increasing exponentially, so large amount of data and information are stored on electronic devices. These electronic devices are interconnected in local, national and international networks, use and share a high number of various software programs. Individuals, corporations, hospitals,(More)
In the computer field there are many types of input validation attacks that occur, in which "Format String Overflow Attacks" is one of the most important. Format String Overflow Attacks remain the leading reason of software vulnerability or exploits. Format string bugs result in error such as wrong result type, memory access error and crash and security(More)
A cloud management platform allows users to run a multitenant atmosphere exploiting the resources from the virtual infrastructure. Although, clouds area unit is engineered with SaaS, PaaS and IaaS service layers. Infrastructure services area unit is the first and foremost typical non-public cloud services. For efficiency and high-performance in the cloud(More)