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With the emergence of global connectivity with expansion of computer networks during the past decade, security threats in network have become a crucial issue for computer systems. Nowadays, it is very important to retain a high level security to ensure safe and trusted communication for information exchange across the network. Different soft-computing based(More)
Dependence of electronic devices (viz. Computer, Laptop, Mobile etc.) is increasing exponentially, so large amount of data and information are stored on electronic devices. These electronic devices are interconnected in local, national and international networks, use and share a high number of various software programs. Individuals, corporations, hospitals,(More)
During the last few decades, mobile communication has developed rapidly. The increasing dependency of people on telecommunication resources is pushing even more current technological developments in the mobile world. In Real-time multimedia applications, such as Live TV or live movie, video conferencing, VoIP, on-line gaming etc. are exciting applications(More)
Search on the web is a daily activity for many people throughout the world. Applications based on search are everywhere. We are in a data rich situation this becomes an obstacle for Information retrieval system. In this paper, we propose a pipelining architecture of indexing in order to enhance memory utilization and fast query optimization and also a soft(More)
In the computer field there are many types of input validation attacks that occur, in which "Format String Overflow Attacks" is one of the most important. Format String Overflow Attacks remain the leading reason of software vulnerability or exploits. Format string bugs result in error such as wrong result type, memory access error and crash and security(More)
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