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BACKGROUND Several studies suggest an association between improved survival and better nutritional status. It has been suggested that there is a correlation between dose of dialysis and nutritional status. However, in spite of the current practice, there are conflicting reports regarding the relationship between dose of dialysis or malnutrition, and(More)
Post-dialysis urea rebound (PDUR) is a cause of Kt/V overestimation when it is calculated from pre-dialysis and the immediate post-dialysis blood urea collections. Measuring PDUR requires a 30-or 60-min post-dialysis sampling, which is inconvenient. In this study, a supervised neural network was proposed to predict the equilibrated urea (C eq) at 60 min(More)
Cardiovascular mortality is significantly increased in patients suffering from schizophrenia. However, psychotic symptoms are quantified by means of the scale for the assessment of positive and negative symptoms, but many investigations try to introduce new etiology for psychiatric disorders based on combination of biological, psychological and social(More)
Provisioning a generic simple linear mathematical model for Paranoid and Healthy cases leading to auxiliary investigation of the neuroleptic drugs effect imposed on cardiac output (CO) and blood pressure (BP). Multi-input single output system identification in consistency with the Z-Transform is considered an essential role in the exploration of linear(More)
The changes taking place in the world today are largely due to the developments and evolution in a number of industries; one of which is information and communication technology. Focusing on communications solutions with an emphasis on business applications, it is obvious to claim that business applications that are being deployed with 2.5G wireless(More)
The total dialysis dose, expressed as Kt/V, has been widely recognized to be a major determinant of morbidity and mortality in hemodialyzed patients. Many different factors influence the correct determination of Kt/V, such as urea sequestration in different body compartments, access and cardiopulmonary recirculation. These factors are responsible for urea(More)
This paper considers a system for massive course generation. The output of this system is a course arranged in a hierarchical structure of chapters and pages. Each page consists of multimedia components such as text, sound, music, image, video, animation, and graphics. The system has a hypermedia capability that is built on top of open Internet standards(More)
Hemodialysis-induced hypotension is still a severe complication in spite of all the progress in hemodialysis treatment. Because of its multifactor causes, hemodialysis-induced hypotension cannot be reliably prevented by conventional ultrafiltration and sodium profiling in open-loop systems, as they are unable to adapt themselves to actual decreases in blood(More)
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