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The changes taking place in the world today are largely due to the developments and evolution in a number of industries; one of which is information and communication technology. Focusing on communications solutions with an emphasis on business applications, it is obvious to claim that business applications that are being deployed with 2.5G wireless(More)
Cardiovascular mortality is significantly increased in patients suffering from schizophrenia. However, psychotic symptoms are quantified by means of the scale for the assessment of positive and negative symptoms, but many investigations try to introduce new etiology for psychiatric disorders based on combination of biological, psychological and social(More)
Provisioning a generic simple linear mathematical model for Paranoid and Healthy cases leading to auxiliary investigation of the neuroleptic drugs effect imposed on cardiac output (CO) and blood pressure (BP). Multi-input single output system identification in consistency with the Z-Transform is considered an essential role in the exploration of linear(More)
BACKGROUND To assess the effectiveness of the new modified technique in order to control bleeding in women presenting with atonic, flabby uterus compared to the most commonly described technique of classic B-Lynch suture. METHOD This study included 160 women of uncontrolled atonic postpartum hemorrhage delivered by cesarean section at Ain Shams University(More)
The furniture industry around the world is undergoing a period of rapid globalization. With the rapid globalization of the furniture industry and the competitive pressures of imports, a nation had to find a way to stay competitive. The furniture Industry in Egypt experience a lot of weaknesses and constraints that limited the industry growth and hence its(More)
SMEs play an important role in developing countries economy leveraging. The SMEs are subjected to non-stationary conditions affecting business stability. These conditions arise due to economic environment transition or during business start-up phase. The problem is that business-monitoring tools such as the balanced scorecards are long term oriented and(More)
Regardless of how sophisticated anti-virus technology may become, computer viruses will forever remain in an uneasy coexistence with us and our computers. Individual strains will wax and wane, but as a whole, computer viruses and anti-virus technology will co-evolve much as biological parasites and hosts do. " Dynamics of Computer Virus Prevalence " remains(More)
Egypt was always known as a high quality exporter for raw cotton and cottoned textiles. Egyptian cotton has international known reputation of special features that attract niche market consumers. Under many environmental conditions the exports of Egyptian raw cotton and cottoned textiles decreased, which would result in social and economical problems. The(More)