Khaled Obaia

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— This paper describes the design and implementation of a unique WSN platform specifically researched to monitor the health conditions of the vibration screens used by Oil Sand operators in Canada. Previous to WSN, wired sensing solutions have been attempted for this project, but failed to sustain integrity in the harsh conditions imposed by the(More)
— This paper describes the application use of Sprouts, a modular plug-and-play (PnP) wireless sensor network (WSN) platform architecture, to monitor the reliability conditions of industrial equipment. The platform architecture was specifically designed to be rugged in order to survive harsh industrial environments with features such as versatile metallic(More)
— This paper discusses the application use of our WSN platform called Sprouts to monitor the current erosion conditions and retrieval of lost shovel-teeth in the Oil Sands mining operations of Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The modular architecture design of Sprouts allows us to customize the platform to monitor the thickness of shovel teeth and localize(More)
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