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In this paper an extension to the learning rule of the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) namely the Free Projection SOM (FP-SOM) is presented in order to enhance the SOM projection. The general idea of the FP-SOM is to mirror the movement of weight vectors during the training process allowing their images on the map grid to move more freely between the junctions.(More)
Information security can be achieved using cryptography, steganography or a combination of them, where data is firstly encrypted using any of the available cryptography techniques and then hid into any hiding medium. Recently, the famous genomic DNA has been introduced as a hiding medium, known as DNA steganography, due to its notable ability to hide huge(More)
The paper presents an android based application to assist visually impaired with outfit coordination process. The application helps them to be independent in their decisions while shopping or getting ready for the day. The application matches apparel image input with user's previously saved closet items, then provides the user with the possible(More)
The paper proposes a mobile application for clothing coordination, which could be of great benefit for stores and people seek for fashion advices. The application matches apparel image input with, previously saved apparel images, and then provides the user with the possible matching suggestions based on the apparel outline and dominating colors. For this(More)
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