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In this paper, we investigate the read operation of memristor-based memories. We analyze the sneak paths problem and provide a noise margin metric to compare the various solutions proposed in the literature. We also analyze the power consumption associated with these solutions. Moreover, we study the effect of the aspect ratio of the memory array on the(More)
This paper describes the design and VLSI architecture for a 4x4 breadth first K-Best MIMO decoder using a 64 QAM scheme. A novel sort free approach to path extension, as well as quantized metrics result in a high throughput VLSI architecture with lower power and area consumption compared to state of the art published systems. Functionality is confirmed via(More)
We propose a simple continuous-time system for chaos generation based on a third-order abstract canonical mathematical model. Nonlinearity in this model is introduced by a bipolar switching constant, which reflects the behavior of a digital inverter. A simple area efficient implementation of the system in a 1.2 µ CMOS process is presented. Experimental(More)
— We study global stability properties of a class of cross-coupled oscillators which admit the representation of a dynamic system in feedback with a static nonlinearity. We present sufficient conditions for almost global convergence of the solutions to a limit cycle when the feedback gain is in the neighborhood of the bifurcation point. The result is then(More)