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The objective of this study was to estimate inheritance of the grain filling rate as indicator for heat tolerant genes. The minimum number of genes for the trait in bread wheat was also assessed by combining quantitative genetic estimates and SSR marker analyses. Two cultivars, Debra (heat-tolerant) and Yecora Rojo (heat-sensitive) crossed and F 1 and F 2(More)
Plants have evolved with complex signaling circuits that operate under multiple conditions and govern numerous cellular functions. Stress signaling in plant cells is a sophisticated network composed of interacting proteins organized into tiered cascades where the function of a molecule is dependent on the interaction and the activation of another. In a(More)
In order to identify target region amplification polymorphism (TRAP) markers linked to three physiological traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), the segregating F4 population from the cross between drought-sensitive (Yecora Rojo) and drought-tolerant (Pavon 76) genotypes was made. The parents and 150 F4 families were evaluated phenotypically for drought(More)
Plants have evolved with intricate mechanisms to cope with multiple environmental stresses. To adapt with biotic and abiotic stresses, plant responses involve changes at the cellular and molecular levels. The current study was designed to investigate the effects of combinations of different environmental stresses on the transcriptome level of Arabidopsis(More)
Plant molecular pharming is a promising system to produce important recombinant proteins such as therapeutic antibodies, pharmaceuticals, enzymes, growth factors, and vaccines. The system provides an interesting alternative method to the direct extraction of proteins from inappropriate source material while offering the possibility to overcome problems(More)
Some journals reject many worthwhile manuscripts on the basis of ''lack of space''. Beyond the irrationality of such an argument, assimilating journals to a means of transport whose places would be reserved in advance, new publishing systems could be developed to improve the publishing efficiency and reduce such rejection biases, particularly in traditional(More)