Khaled Mostafa

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Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has been adopted by telecom Next Generation Networks (NGN) and 3rd Generation Partnership Project’s IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Charging is one of the most fundamental components of any commercial SIP service. Service providers have to employ an online charging mechanism to support the prepaid payment model and to create(More)
Charcot osteoarthropathy of the foot is a chronic and progressive disease of bone and joint associated with a risk of amputation. The main problems encountered in this process are osteopenia, fragmentation of the bones of the foot and ankle, joint subluxation or even dislocation, ulceration of the skin and the development of deep sepsis. We report our(More)
Severe recurrent congenital talipes equinovarus deformity remains a significant problem in orthopedic surgery particularly in the developing countries with limited facilities. Surgical treatment of patients with severe recurrent congenital talipes equinovarus is difficult and has many complications. This study discusses the results of using Ilizarov(More)
In this paper, we present a general approach for gene selection of high dimensional DNA Microarray data. The proposed approach represents a powerful new tool in the analysis and exploration of complex data. Very few genes are assumed to anticipate the pathological behavior of cancers. To this end, we proposed a hybrid between genetic algorithms and(More)
Text and not -text segmentation and text line extraction from document images are the most challenging problems of information indexing of Arabic document images such as books, technical articles, business letters and faxes in order to successfully process them in systems such as OCR. Researches on Arabic language related to documents digitization have been(More)
In this paper a system for multi-scale change detection with automatic scale selection is proposed. The generation of the multi-scale data set is based on fractal net evolution approach. The set of scales used are selected optimally from the scale domain to ensure good enough representation of the scale domain. The change detection is performed on each(More)
Positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS) has been performed to link fundamental polymer properties to membrane performance, more specifically for polyimide (PI)-based solvent-resistant nanofiltration membranes. Laboratory-made membranes with well-known properties were applied first to define proper pretreatment conditions for the membrane to allow(More)
Patients with severe mitral regurgitation (MR) should undergo surgery when they present symptoms or if asymptomatic when there is objective evidence of left ventricular dysfunction. In this work, we analyze the midterm results of leaflet augmentation in mitral valve repair of rheumatic valves with gluteraldehyde preserved autologous pericardium. Patients(More)