Khaled Mostafa El Sayed

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We present DiSH-Sim, a simulator for large discrete models of biological signal transduction pathways, capable of simulating networks with multi-valued elements in both deterministic and stochastic manner. We focus on order of update and thus incorporate information about timing, taking into account that biological processes are not synchronized and certain(More)
With the tremendous increase in the amount of biological literature, developing automated methods for extracting big data from papers, building models and explaining big mechanisms becomes a necessity. We describe here our approach to translating machine reading outputs, obtained by reading biological signaling literature, to discrete models of cellular(More)
The Population Council confronts critical health and development issues—from stopping the spread of HIV to improving reproductive health and ensuring that young people lead full and productive lives. Through biomedical, social science, and public health research in 50 countries, we work with our partners to deliver solutions that lead to more effective(More)
Coronary arteries segmentation and centerlines extraction is an important step in Coronary Artery Disease diagnosis. The main purpose of the fully automated presented approaches is helping the clinical non-invasive diagnosis process to be done in fast way with accurate result. In this paper, a hybrid scheme is proposed to segment the coronary arteries and(More)
Essential hypertension is an important risk factor for target organ damage. The brain is among the target organs infrequently visited. The authors evaluated whether an abnormal Mini-Mental Score Examination (MMSE) score predicts uncontrolled hypertension even if office blood pressure is normal. Seventy-seven hypertensive patients were included. The(More)
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