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Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) is a technique that wireless devices communicate in a way that the transmission frequencies are alternated in a pre-determined ordered hopping pattern known only to the sending and receiving devices. Therefore, it has become one of the key security features in modern wireless networking and has been adopted in many(More)
This paper presents a unique collaboration among faculty and students from four distinct disciplines united to create a game-based simulation of a Materials Science laboratory experience for non-Mechanical Engineering students in a lecture-only course. The benefits to each of the development disciplines is unique, and has been sustained over a lengthy(More)
Multiple Bluetooth piconets are likely to co-exist in a physical environment, supporting many wireless applications. An independently operating Bluetooth piconet will inevitably encounter mutual interference from collocated piconets, which results in individual piconet and overall scatternet performance degradation. In this paper, the throughput performance(More)
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