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In the companion paper (Ben Yaghlane, Smets, & Mellouli, 2000a), we have enhanced the distinction between non-interactivity and doxastic independence in the context of the transferable belief model. The first corresponds to decompositionality of the belief function, whereas the second is defined as irrelevance preserved under Dempster's rule of combination.(More)
In this paper, we study the notion of marginal independence between two sets of variables when uncertainty is expressed by belief functions as understood in the context of the transferable belief model. We define the concepts of non-interactivity and irrelevance, that are not equivalent. Doxastic independence for belief functions is defined as irrelevance(More)
Le domaine de l'identification de la similarité a été considéré comme un sujet de recherche fortement recommandé dans les domaines du Web sémantique, de l'intelligence artificielle et de la littérature linguistique. Dans le domaine du Web sémantique où les ontologies interviennent pour la modélisation des connaissances, la mesure de [Wup 94] a l'avantage(More)