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On Short Paths Interdiction Problems: Total and Node-Wise Limited Interdiction
It is shown that the short paths node-wise interdiction problem can be efficiently solved by an extension of Dijkstra’s algorithm and the same inapproximability bounds hold for undirected graphs and/or node elimination. Expand
Generating All Vertices of a Polyhedron Is Hard
It is shown that generating all negative cycles of a weighted graph is a hard enumeration problem, in both the directed and undirected cases, implying that (directed) negative cycles cannot be generated in polynomial output time, unless P=NP. Expand
Approximation Algorithms for Euclidean Group TSP
A (9.1α+1)-approximation algorithm for the case when the regions are disjoint α-fat objects with possibly varying size is given and considerably improves the best results known, in this case, for both the group Steiner tree problem and the TSP with Neighborhoods problem. Expand
An Efficient Incremental Algorithm for Generating All Maximal Independent Sets in Hypergraphs of Bounded Dimension
We show that for hypergraphs of bounded edge size, the problem of extending a given list of maximal independent sets is NC-reducible to the computation of an arbitrary maximal independent set for anExpand
An efficient implementation of a quasi-polynomial algorithm for generating hypergraph transversals and its application in joint generation
An efficient implementation of an incremental quasi-polynomial-time algorithm for solving the hypergraph transversal problem, and experimental results are presented to evaluate the implementation for a number of interesting monotone properties π. Expand
On Profit-Maximizing Pricing for the Highway and Tollbooth Problems
This work rules out the existence of an FPTAS by showing that even for the line case, the problem is strongly NP-hard, and shows that in the discount model, when some items are allowed to be priced below zero to improve the overall profit, the problems becomes even APX-hard. Expand
Approximation Algorithms for the Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem with Discrete and Continuous Neighborhoods
This work seeks to find a tour of minimum length which visits at least one point in each region of Euclidean traveling salesman problem with discrete neighborhoods, and gives an O(α)-approximation algorithm for the case when the regions are disjoint and α-fat, with possibly varying size. Expand
Simultaneous matchings: Hardness and approximation
This paper studies the following generalisation of the X-perfect matching problem, which has applications in constraint programming and shows that a 2/(k+1)-approximation can be found in poly(k,|[email protected]?D|) time. Expand
Autonomous Recharging and Flight Mission Planning for Battery-operated Autonomous Drones
Several contributions to automated management systems for battery-operated autonomous drones are presented, including algorithms for solving the problem of flight mission planning and recharging optimization and a robotic charging system prototype that can recharge drones autonomously by the drone management system. Expand
Flight Tour Planning with Recharging Optimization for Battery-operated Autonomous Drones
An empirical study is conducted to model the battery performance of drones, considering various flight scenarios, and optimization algorithms in an intelligent drone management system are implemented. Expand