Khaled M. Musallam

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BACKGROUND Preoperative anaemia is associated with adverse outcomes after cardiac surgery but outcomes after non-cardiac surgery are not well established. We aimed to assess the effect of preoperative anaemia on 30-day postoperative morbidity and mortality in patients undergoing major non-cardiac surgery. METHODS We analysed data for patients undergoing(More)
Despite receiving no or only occasional blood transfusions, patients with non-transfusion-dependent thalassemia (NTDT) have increased intestinal iron absorption and can accumulate iron to levels comparable with transfusion-dependent patients. This iron accumulation occurs more slowly in NTDT patients compared to transfusion-dependent thalassemia patients,(More)
Our understanding of the molecular and pathophysiological mechanisms underlying the disease process in patients with thalassaemia intermedia (TI) has substantially increased over the past decade. TI encompasses a wide clinical spectrum of beta-thalassaemia phenotypes. Some TI patients are asymptomatic until adult life, whereas others are symptomatic from as(More)
The development of adverse cardiovascular events despite aspirin use has established an interest in a possible resistance to the drug. Several definitions have been set and various laboratory testing modalities are available. This has led to a wide range of prevalence reports in different clinical entities. The etiologic mechanism has been related to(More)
As the life expectancy of β-thalassemia patients has markedly improved over the last decade, several new complications are being recognized. The presence of a high incidence of thromboembolic events, mainly in thalassemia intermedia patients, has led to the identification of a hypercoagulable state in thalassemia. In this review, the molecular and cellular(More)
INTRODUCTION Colorectal cancer most commonly metastasizes to the regional lymph nodes, liver, bone, lung, and brain. Metastases to mediastinal lymph nodes is a rare entity which has never been reported to be solitary. CASE REPORT We herein describe a 67-year-old male patient with a solitary mediastinal lymph node metastasis three years following the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate and compare the prevalence and risk factors for anxiety and depression in adults with beta-thalassemia major (TM) and intermedia (TI). METHOD A cross-sectional study of TI and TM patients at a Chronic Care Center in Lebanon. A total of 80 patients agreed to participate (32 TI (median age 24 years) and 48 TM (median age 23 years)).(More)
Background. Identification and management of risk factors for stroke following isolated coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) could potentially lower the risk of such serious morbidity. Methods. We retrieved data for 30-day stroke incidence and perioperative variables for patients undergoing isolated CABG and used multivariate logistic regression to assess(More)
Although the life expectancy of thalassemia patients has markedly improved over the last few decades, patients still suffer from many complications of this congenital disease. The presence of a high incidence of thromboembolic events, mainly in thalassemia intermedia, has led to the identification of a hypercoagulable state in these patients. In this(More)