Khaled M. Elleithy

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We deploy BT node (sensor) that offers passive and active sensing capability to save energy. BT node works in passive mode for outdoor communication and active for indoor communication. The BT node is supported with novel automatic energy saving (AES) mathematical model to decide either modes. It provides robust and faster communication with less energy(More)
In this paper we investigate Chandy-Misra-Bryant Null message algorithm and propose a grouping technique to improve the performance. This technique along with status retrieval which will be explained in detail can improve the performance when compared to the traditional conservative algorithm by Chandy-Misra-Bryant. Null message algorithm is an efficient(More)
Null message algorithm is an important conservative time management protocol in parallel discrete event simulation systems for providing synchronization between the distributed computers with the capability of both avoiding and resolving the deadlock. However, the excessive generation of null messages prevents the widespread use of this algorithm. The(More)
This paper introduces the design, implementation, and performance analysis of the scalable and mobility-aware hybrid protocol named boarder node medium access control (BN-MAC) for wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which leverages the characteristics of scheduled and contention-based MAC protocols. Like contention-based MAC protocols, BN-MAC achieves high(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel least distance smart neighboring search (LDSNS) to determine the mostefficient path at one-hop distance over WSNs. LDSNS helps to reduce the energy consumption and speeds up scheduling for delivery of data. It provides cross layering support and linking MAC layer with network layer to reduce the amount of control(More)
Fast expansion in ambient intelligence (AmI) has attracted different walks of people. AmI systems provide robust communication in open, dynamic and heterogeneous environments. This paper presents a AES paradigm that introduces wireless sensor networks to control remote servers or other devices at remote place through mobile phones. The main focus of paper(More)
This paper presents an efficient routing algorithm for the Mesh-Hypercube (M-H) network. The M-H network is one of the new interconnection networking techniques use to build high performance parallel computers. The combination of M-H networks offers high connectivity among multiple nodes, fault-tolerance, and load scalability. However, the performance of(More)
Transmission control protocol (TCP) was originally designed for fixed networks to provide the reliability of the data delivery. The improvement of TCP performance was also achieved with different types of networks with introduction of new TCP variants. However, there are still many factors that affect performance of TCP. Mobility is one of the major affects(More)