Khaled Issa

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BACKGROUND Self-medication, often without adult guidance, has been reported to be a common practice during adolescence. Similar to other preventable health-risk behaviors initiated in early adolescence, it has become a cause for concern universally. OBJECTIVE This study examines the prevalence of self-medication with both prescribed and non-prescribed(More)
  • Ahmad Qasim, Khaled Issa, Al Qawasmi, Asma Qasim AlHamad
  • 2014
The use of the e-learning systems at a university level has increased and received wide acceptance all over the world. The academic community at higher educational organizations has recognized the potential advantages of using e-learning system to enhance the learning process. Despite this high academic interest in the subject there are some important(More)
This paper presents an automatic vision-based system for unsupervised detection and classification of spliced yarn joints. In the splice detection process, a competitive learning method based on an LBG algorithm is used. In the splice classification process, a dynamic time warping (DTW) algorithm is used to classify the extracted splice joint into one of(More)
A major problem in noisy image processing is the segmentation of its components. Many computer vision tasks analyze regions after segmenting a given image, then minimize the segmentation error to build a good automatic inspection system. In this paper, we propose a novel segmentation scheme for noisy images which consists of a new denoising method and a(More)
This paper presents an automatic vision based system for qual ity control of yarn ends ready for spl icing, which is aimed to establ ish a standard qual ity measure and l ower manufacturing cost. New approach for defect detection and cl assification is presented. I n this approach, features describing the shape and surface defects are ex tracted and defects(More)
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