Khaled Hamad

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Telecommuting is a Transportation Demand Management strategy to partially or completely replace the daily commute with telecommunication technologies. Research has revealed that telecommuting can be effectively done from special places provided for this purpose called telecenters. In telecenter-based telecommuting, trip lengths are shortened due to change(More)
Accurate short-term prediction of travel speed as a proxy for time is central to many Intelligent Transportation Systems, especially for Advanced Traveler Information Systems and Advanced Traffic Management Systems. In this study, we propose an innovative methodology for such prediction. Because of the inherently direct derivation of travel time from speed(More)
Although transportation data have a spatial component by nature, this component generally has not been fully utilized when it comes to intelligent transportation system (ITS) archived data. This paper demonstrates the use of geographic information system (GIS) to spatially visualize and analyze transportation management center (TMC)-related performance(More)
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