Khaled El-Sayed

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Identifying moving objects is a critical task for many computer vision applications; it provides a classification of the pixels into either foreground or background. A common approach used to achieve such classification is background removal. Even though there exist numerous of background removal algorithms in the literature, most of them follow a simple(More)
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Access (OFDMA) has been increasingly deployed in various emerging and evolving cellular systems to reduce interference and improve overall system performance. However, in these systems Inter-Cell Interference (ICI) still poses a real challenge that limits the system performance, especially for users located at the(More)
Alveolar bone grafting is a standard method for treating alveolar cleft. To ensure the best outcome, improving the arch form as well as soft tissue quality in the area around the cleft is recommended. In this study, 11 patients who presented with alveolar cleft and collapsed maxillary arch were treated in the following sequence: transpalatal distraction(More)
Background Subtraction methods are widely used for detecting and tracking moving objects in videos. It is useful in many applications such as traffic monitoring, video surveillances. The accurate tracking and detection of moving object is the challenging aspect of such approach. This work proposes a general purpose method which combines the advantage of(More)
12 patients presenting with long standing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis were treated with a costochondral graft inserted through a modified approach. The age of the patients ranged from 5 to 17 years. A preauricular incision was made for resection of the ankylosed condyle. After release of the ankylosis the contralateral rib was harvested with(More)
How good is the performance of the existing Inter-Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC) schemes when dealing with users moving at high speeds? In this paper, we evaluate a number of existing schemes under high user mobility conditions. Then, we propose a dynamic decentralized ICIC scheme that requires no apriori frequency planning. The proposed scheme(More)
Self-adaptation is a key factor for the future evolution of mobile networks due to their increasing complexity and required management efforts. In this paper, we propose an autonomous self-adaptive scheme based on Harmony Search (HS) Algorithm for radio resource management and interference coordination. One of the main strong points of the proposed scheme(More)
Optical packet switching (OPS) is a promising technology to enable next-generation high-speed IP networks. A major issue in OPS is packet contention that occurs when two or more packets attempt to access the same output fiber. In such a case, packets may be dropped, leading to degraded overall switching performance. Several contention resolution techniques(More)
In this paper, we present the multicast-forwarding scheme called, Enhanced Stateless Multicast RPL Forwarding (ESMRF). ESMRF is a new scheme allow nodes be able to send multicast traffic up and down the Routing Protocol for Low-power and Lossy networks (RPL) tree. In contrast Stateless Multicast RPL Forwarding (SMRF) scheme has a limitation on its sending(More)
Digital image processing is one of the most researched fields nowadays. The ever increasing need of surveillance systems has further on made this field the point of emphasis. Surveillance systems are used for security reasons, intelligence gathering and many individual needs. Object tracking and detection is one of the main steps in these systems. Different(More)