Khaled Bsaïes

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Whereas the analysis of loops in imperative programs is, justifiably, dominated by the concept of invariant assertion, we submit a related but different concept, of invariant relation, and show how it can be used to compute or approximate the function of a while loop. We also introduce the concept of invariant function, which is used to generate a broad(More)
Traditionally, invariant assertions are used to verify the partial correctness of while loops with respect to pre/post specifications. In this paper we discuss a related but distinct concept, namely invariant relations, and show how invariant relations are a more potent tool in the analysis of while loops: whereas invariant assertions can only be used to(More)
Personalized recommender systems provide relevant items to users from huge catalogue. Collaborative filtering (CF) and content-based (CB) filtering are the most widely used techniques in personalized recommender systems. CF uses only the user-rating data to make predictions, while CB filtering relies on semantic information of items for recommendation. In(More)
An inductive proof attempt may fail as the available induction hypotheses cannot be applied to simplify the conclusion. One of the major problems which arise when performing inductive proofs is to transform the conclusion of an induction step in order to make the hypothesis applicable. Often, to overcome this problem, several additional lemmae are needed.(More)