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There is a lot of scepticism surrounding laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). Symptoms such as globus pharyngeus, constant throat clearing, chronic cough, idiopathic hoarseness, catarrh and choking episodes may be reflux-related. The aim of this survey was to highlight current treatment trends in LPR. Questionnaires were emailed to 260 members of the British(More)
We describe an unusual case of spontaneous parapharyngeal haematoma, in a patient with haemophilia. The cause was a leaking extracranial vertebral artery pseudoaneurysm eroding through the atlas at the level of the skull base. The leaking pseudoaneurysm was successfully controlled with embolisation of the vertebral artery. The haematoma caused a cerebral(More)
We report an air gun pellet in the ethmoid sinus. The entrance point was concealed in the conjunctiva of the medial canthus, sparing the eye and skin. The pellet traversed the ethmoid and was stopped by the cribriform plate. It was removed by an endoscopic approach without complications. The literature is reviewed. A high index of suspicion is required to(More)
Volume 2, Issue 3 May – June 2013 Page 407 Abstract: With fast progress of the networks, data mining and information sharing techniques, the security of the privacy of sensitive information in a database becomes a vital issue to be resolved. The mission of association rule mining is discovering hidden relationships between items in database and revealing(More)
We report a parapharyngeal abscess in an adult patient that was drained transorally by performing ipsilateral tonsillectomy and aspirating the pus through the tonsillar bed. This approach is unusual as most previous studies report the aspiration of such abscesses through the lateral pharyngeal mucosa. In addition, the majority of these studies are limited(More)