Khaled Ahmed Nagaty

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This paper describes a fingerprint classification algorithm using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Fingerprints are classified into six categories: arches, tented arches, left loops, right loops, whorls and twin loops. The algorithm extracts a string of symbols using the block directional image of a fingerprint, which represents the set of structural(More)
This paper presents a hierarchical neural network architecture for computing fingerprints block directional images. Two separately trained neural networks are connected in series. First, the fingerprint image is divided into 16x16 blocks, each block is submitted to the first network which is a back propagation neural network. It has four counters in its(More)
INTRODUCTION E-commerce business models are using computing and communication technologies to make transactions between a business and its customers online. As the number of clients on the Internet grows rapidly the computation also grows and efficient techniques are required to respond to client's requests within a short time. Artificial Intelligence (AI)(More)
This paper presents a cryptographic technique that encrypts secret information using a coding image by transforming the pixels of this image from the intensity domain to the characters domain using a hash function. In the proposed technique, the coding image will be used to encrypt the secret information at the sender and decrypt it at the receiver using(More)
In this paper an extension to the learning rule of the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) namely the Free Projection SOM (FP-SOM) is presented in order to enhance the SOM projection. The general idea of the FP-SOM is to mirror the movement of weight vectors during the training process allowing their images on the map grid to move more freely between the junctions.(More)
—This paper presents a secure mobile health application which is based on hybrid cloud architecture combined with cryptographic techniques to protect privacy, integrity and security of patients and health care givers data and with role based access control to authenticate and authorize users. Hybrid cloud platform combines the advantages of both the private(More)