Khairul Salleh Basaruddin

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An assessment of the mechanical properties of trabecular bone is important in determining the fracture risk of human bones. Many uncertainty factors contribute to the dispersion of the estimated mechanical properties of trabecular bone. This study was undertaken in order to propose a computational scheme that will be able to predict the effective apparent(More)
Adaptation of kinetics response when running on different surface has been commonly measured by the ground reaction force (GRF). GRF was extensively been used in studies related to surface characteristics such irregularity, incline and types. Since surface hardness effects on the ground reaction force response and the foot adaption is remain unclear, the(More)
Trabecular bone has a complicated porous microstructure and consists of interconnected plates and rods known as trabeculae. The microarchitecture of the trabeculae contributes to load distribution capacity and, particularly, the optimal bone strength. Many previous studies have shown that morphological parameters are used to characterize the(More)
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