Khairuddin Omar

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The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is a well known problem in operational research where customers of known demands are supplied by one or several depots. The objective is to find a set of delivery routes satisfying some requirements or constraints and giving minimal total cost. The VRP has drawn enormous interests from many researchers during the last(More)
This paper provides and discusses an overview about the offline Arabic Optical Character Recognition (AOCR) system. It also provides and discuses the challenges that must be considered in designing or choosing a cretin method for the AOCR system. Recognition of Arabic characters is more difficult than Latin or Chinese language .The typical AOCR system(More)
Problem statement: Skew detection and correction is the first step process in the document analysis and understanding processing steps. Correction the skewed scanned document image is very important, because it has a direct effect on the reliability and efficiency of the segmentation and feature extraction stages. The noises and the deviation in the(More)
Segmentation and counting of blood cells are considered as an important step that helps to extract features to diagnose some specific diseases like malaria or leukemia. The manual counting of white blood cells (WBCs) and red blood cells (RBCs) in microscopic images is an extremely tedious, time consuming, and inaccurate process. Automatic analysis will(More)
Biometrics can be classified into two types Behavioral (signature verification, keystroke dynamics, etc.) and Physiological (iris characteristics, fingerprint, etc.). Handwritten signature is one of the first few biometrics used even before computers. Signature verification is widely studied and discussed using two approaches. On-line approach and offline(More)
Association rules mining (ARM) algorithms have been extensively researched in the last decade. Therefore, numerous algorithms were proposed to discover frequent itemsets and then mine association rules. This paper will present an efficient ARM algorithm by proposing a new technique to generate association rules from a huge set of items, which depends on the(More)
Palaeography is the study of ancient handwritten manuscripts to date the age and to localize ancient and medieval scripts. It also deals with analysing the development of the letters shape. Ancient Jawi manuscripts are one of the least studiedarea. Nowadays, over 7789 known Jawi manuscripts are kept in custody of various libraries in Malaysia. Most of these(More)
The subject of cursive handwritten character recognition is still open to be studied because of its complex nature. Recognition of Arabic handwritten and its variants such as Farsi (Persian) and Urdu had been receiving considerable attention in recent years. Numerous methods for recognizing Arabic characters have been proposed and applied to various types(More)