Khairi Ashour Hamdi

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This paper presents a simple new expression for the exact evaluation of averages of the form E [ ln ( 1 + x1+...xN y1+...+yM+1 )] , where x1, . . . , xN , y1, . . . , yM are arbitrary non-negative random variables, in terms of the joint moment generating functions of these random variables. Application examples are given for the ergodic capacity evaluation(More)
A new exact explicit expression is derived for the ergodic capacity of maximal ratio combining (MRC) schemes over arbitrarily correlated Rician fading channels. This is used to study the effects of channel correlation on the ergodic capacity. Numerical results reveal that both the phase and the magnitude of correlation have an impact on the ergodic capacity(More)
Characterizing the fundamental energy efficiency (EE) performance of multiple-input multiple-output interfering broadcast channels (MIMO-IFBC) is important for the design of green wireless system. In this paper, we propose a new network architecture proposition based on EE maximization for multicell MIMO-IFBC within the context of interference alignment(More)