Khadka Gurung

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This study reports the results of a study on the intertester reliability of manual muscle strength testing in leprosy patients with confirmed motor function loss of at least one nerve. Three testers graded the muscle strength of 72 patients in random order. Both hands and feet were graded. Strength was graded on a modified Medical Research Council Scale (9(More)
Two new methods of thumb web space measurement, the intermetacarpal distance (IMD) and the derived intermetacarpal angle (DIMA), were proposed and compared with a conventional method for interrater reliability. Forty subjects (22 normal hands, 18 impaired hands) were measured. Reliability of the measurement was estimated using the intraclass correlation(More)
We conducted an intra- and inter-tester agreement study of three sensory screening tests used in nerve function assessment of leprosy patients: the Semmes-Weinstein monofilament (SWM) test, moving 2-point discrimination (M2PD), and the pin prick test. The weighted kappa (Kw) statistic was used as the reliability coefficient. The SWM had intra-observer Kws(More)
The aims of this cross-sectional comparative study was to compare the results of Semmes-Weinstein monofilament testing (SWM) and moving 2-point discrimination (M2PD) with four tests of functional sensibility: recognition of objects, discrimination of size and texture and detection of dots. Ninety-eight leprosy in- and outpatients at Green Pastures Hospital(More)
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