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Copper resistance has emerged as an important virulence determinant of microbial pathogens. In Streptococcus pneumoniae, copper resistance is mediated by the copper-responsive repressor CopY, CupA and the copper-effluxing P(1B)-type ATPase CopA. We show here that CupA is a previously uncharacterized cell membrane-anchored Cu(I) chaperone and that a Cu(I)(More)
Transcription factor NF-kappa B comprises two proteins, p50 and p65, that have sequence similarity to the v-rel oncogene. In primary hematopoietic cell populations an alternatively spliced form of NF-kappa B p65 mRNA was observed that encoded a protein designated p65 delta. Expression of the p65 delta cDNA in Rat-1 fibroblasts resulted in focus formation,(More)
Horizontal head rotation evokes significant responses from trochlear motoneurons of turtle that suggests they have a functional role in abduction of the eyes like that in frontal-eyed mammals. The finding is unexpected given that the turtle is generally considered lateral-eyed and assumed to have eye movements instead like that of lateral-eyed mammals, in(More)
Individual variability in mouse tail tendon fiber denaturation in urea was investigated. Differences in break time between fibers within tendons and between tendon groups were examined. Mean break times for each strain increased with age with the shorter-lived DBA/2 mice exhibiting higher break times within age cohorts than the C57BL/6 animals. Fibers from(More)
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