Khadim H. Asif

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In recent years increase in wireless accessed devices does not prerequisite any evidence. Security is the main concern for the researchers in 802.16e now-a-days. The layer structures defines that the security sub-layer resides over the physical layer and provides security on the link layer.This paper discusses the security threats present and still unsolved(More)
Scheduling systems are an integral part of edge nodes in modern communication systems. These nodes aggregate the incoming traffic flows and groomed traffic is sent to core network. The aggregation is done on the basis of scheduling criteria. In this work, we have analyzed a scheduling system where high priority traffic is exhaustively served. The modelling(More)
Bioinformatics is the field dedicated mainly to the development and use of computational methods and tools for the understanding of biological data and information, and holds great promise for poverty alleviation and disease control. Developed countries have invested generously in the research and development of bioinformatics. Developing countries must(More)
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