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Assessing the knowledge, attitude and practice of the kermanshahi women towards reducing, recycling and reusing of municipal solid waste
The present study was conducted with the aim of surveying the knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) of 1750 females from Kermanshah city in Iran on separation and reduction in source, recycling,Expand
Sonolysis and photocatalytic (sonophotocatalytic) removal of cephalexin from aqueous solution: process optimization using response surface methodology (RSM)
Extensive use of pharmaceutical drugs has resulted in widespread use of antibiotic remedies in the environment and consequently has made a strong public concern worldwide. Present study aimed atExpand
Mercury removal from aqueous solutions by palm leaves adsorbent
Mercury is a carcinogenic and teratogenic compound that tends to accumulate in water solutions. In this research, the removal of mercury from an aqueous solution was evaluated by using palm leaves.Expand
Cayley graph associated to a semihypergroup
The purpose of this paper is the study of Cayley graph associated to a semihypergroup(or hypergroup). In this regards first we associate a Cayley graph to every semihypergroup and then we study theExpand
Assessment of solid waste management in hospitals and healthcare centers: A case study in Sari, Iran
Infectious waste is categorized as hazardous waste that can cause the transmission of infectious diseases, so the objective of this study was to survey the hospitals and healthcare centers wasteExpand