Khadidja Messaoudi

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A hardwired algorithm for computing the variable precision multiplication is presented in this paper. The computation method is based on the use of a parallel multiplier of size m to compute the multiplication of two numbers of n×m bits. These numbers are represented in the variable precision floating point format, but in this work only the mantissas(More)
The use of computer networks to transmit medical information is faced to data security problems. Hence it is necessary to make these data unreadable and indecipherable during their transfer. The encryption and decryption of medical images are performed either by software or hardware. A software implementation has the advantage of being portable and low cost(More)
Partial Bitstream Relocation (PBR) has been introduced in recent years, as a means to overcome the limitations of the traditional Xilinx Partial Reconfiguration flow, particularly in terms of the limited module placement, a fact that can greatly reduce the memory footprint of applications which require multiple implementations of the same module. However,(More)
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