Khac Tuan Huynh

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In condition-based maintenance area, mean residual life function is recognized as a promising reliability indicator for maintenance decision-making. However, very few maintenance strategies based on the mean residual life have been developed. This paper therefore analyzes a predictive maintenance strategy based on the mean residual life given the(More)
This paper presents a discretised musculoskeletal multi-body spine model using the LifeMOD Biomechanics Modeller. This was obtained by refining spine segments in cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions into individual vertebra segments, using rotational joints representing the intervertebral discs, building various ligaments between vertebrae and implementing(More)
This paper provides a methodology to assess the efficiency of mean residual life (MRL) in condition-based maintenance decision-making for a system subjected to the competing and dependent risks of degradation and shock. Based on this system, the cost models of two quite simple policies implementing MRL-based or degradation-based preventive replacement are(More)
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