Khac Tuan Huynh

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This paper deals with maintenance decision-making for single-unit deteriorating systems operating under indirect condition monitoring. Based on a degradation and measurement model of crack growth propagation, two new maintenance policies using prognostic information are introduced. Their maintenance cost models are evaluated jointly by analytical and(More)
This paper deals with maintenance strategies with minimal repairs for single-unit repairable systems which are subject to competing and dependent failures due to degradation and traumatic shocks. The main aims are to study different approaches for making a minimal repair decision (i.e. time-based or condition-based) which is a possible corrective(More)
In condition-based maintenance area, mean residual life function is recognized as a promising reliability indicator for maintenance decision-making. However, very few maintenance strategies based on the mean residual life have been developed. This paper therefore analyzes a predictive maintenance strategy based on the mean residual life given the(More)
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