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Composition of the essential oil of Bunium persicum (Boiss.) B. Fedtsch. from Tajikistan
Abstract Water-distilled essential oil of Bunium persicum fruits was analyzed by GC and GC/MS. Twenty-two compounds were characterized representing 98.09% of the total components detected.Expand
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Isomers of plamitoleic acid in lipids and volatile substances from the fruits ofZiziphus jujuba
Fatty acid from the dried pulp ofZiziphus jujuba Mill. Contain 33 components with a chain length from 7 to 28 carbon atoms and approximately equal ratio of total saturated and unsaturated, mainlyExpand
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Comparison of ascorbic and citric acid contents inRosa canina L. fruit growing in the Central Asian region
The evaluation ofRosa canina L. fruits and their products is depended in part on their organic acid contents. In this study, ascorbic and citric acid contents inRosa canina L. fruits collected fromExpand
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Composition of the Essential Oil of Origanum tyttanthum Gontsch. from Uzbekistan
Abstract The water-distilled oil of Origanum tyttanthum was analyzed by GC/MS. Forty compounds were characterized representing 98.6% of the total components detected. Carvacrol (42.76%), thymolExpand
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Coumarins: Plants, structure, properties
The second chapter of the review contains information on 330 coumarins, arranged in Russian alphabetical order, with the names of the producing plants, structures, properties, melting points,Expand
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Essential Oils of Mediasia macrophylla (Regel et Schmalh.) Pimen. and Foeniculum vulgare Mill. from Uzbekistan
Abstract Water distilled essential oils from two Umbelliferae species of Uzbekistan were analyzed by GC/MS. p-Cymene (27.23%), thymol (15.13%) and carvacrol (12.52%) were the main components amongExpand
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Essential oil of Mentha asiatica Boriss. from Uzbekistan
Abstract Water-distilled essential oil of Mentha asiatica was analyzed by GC/MS. Thirty seven compounds were characterized representing 97% of the total components detected. The major constituents ofExpand
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Carbohydrates of the fruit ofRosa canina
It is known that rose fruit contains biologically active compounds (vitamins B 2, C, K, and P, carotene, organic adds, flavonoids, and tannin substances), which are responsible for healing propertiesExpand
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Interaction of drugs with microcrystalline cellulose at the molecular and supermolecular levels
Various drug compositions based on plant substances (allapinin and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) have been studied before and after micronization with the aid of x-ray-diffraction,Expand
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Essential oil and lipids from the cone berries ofJuniperus seravschanica
Essential oil and neutral lipids from the cone berries ofJuniperus seravschanica Kom. have been characterized for the first time. Fifty six components comprising 96.5% of the essential oil wereExpand
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