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F r o m ch lo ro fo rm ex t rac t chromatography on alumina (activity grade III, pe t ro leum e t h e r c h l o r o f o r m ) we isolated four coumar in compounds. T h r e e of them were identified on the bas is of e lementa ry analyses , melting points, and IR spec t r a as fu rocoumar ins known for this plant: pimpinellin, isopimpinellin, and isobergapten(More)
Stellera chamaejasmae L., family Thymelaeaceae, is a herbaceous p~rennial found in the USSR in Eastern Siberia [1]. Its chemical composition has not been studied previously [2]. W~ hw investigatPd the composition of the coumarins of the roots of S__ chamaejasmae L. growing in the Mongolian People' s Republic. The material was collected by the resources team(More)
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