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This retrospective study was conducted to evaluate the incidence of spinal cord injuries in Plovdiv and Plovdiv region, Bulgaria. The study material comprised 980 patients treated over a period of 10 years (1983-1992) in the Clinics of Traumatic and Orthopaedic Surgery and Neurosurgery, University of Medicine, Plovdiv, which are the only therapeutic(More)
The QCDOC project has developed a supercomputer optimised for the needs of Lattice QCD simulations. It provides a very competitive price to sustained performance ratio of around $1 USD per sustained Megaflop/s in combination with outstanding scalability. Thus very large systems delivering over 5 TFlop/s of performance on the evolution of a single lattice is(More)
The rate, site and intensity of the auricle (IV) tone in acute myocardial infarction were studied, through polygraphic records in 140 patients and 36 healthy subjects. A fourfold examination was carried out on 123 patients, a control examination was carried out towards the end of the third month in 31 patients and 17 deceased were examined but mainly once.(More)
The incidence, diagnostics and significance of pericarditis in acute myocardial infarction (AMI) were studied, depending on some factors - sex and age of the patients and site of infarction in four patients groups and deceased: I-132 deceased with AMI abd cardiac rupture; II 337 deceased with AMI, 46 of them with aneurysms; III-334 deceased and 153 patients(More)