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Sweet's syndrome (SS) occurs most commonly in association with inflammatory or neoplastic disorders. Only rarely has it been associated with immunodeficiency disorders. We describe a child with a T-cell immunodeficiency who had a persistent neutrophilic dermatosis that was histologically and clinically consistent with SS. SS associated with(More)
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) is a poorly understood posttraumatic pain syndrome associated with dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system. Pain is often out of proportion to the extent of injury. Progression of the disease may lead to dystrophic and atrophic changes resulting in total disability of an affected limb. Skin findings are highly(More)
The level of expression of the c-Fos protein in neurons was used as a measure of the activation of transcription in the hippocampus of common voles (Microtus arvalis Pall.) after rapid spatial training. Stained Fos-positive cells were counted on 20 brain sections along the rostrocaudal axis of the hippocampus. Voles were trained to find the exit to their(More)
Although the overall incidence of immunologic bullous diseases is comparatively low, they are nonetheless potentially lethal dermatologic disorders that occur most commonly in individuals age 55 and older. Thus familiarity with the signs, symptoms, and treatments will be valuable to the primary care physician. For bullous diseases in general, the challenge(More)
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